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Our Goal


Our goal is to create a community of the best Options/Pennies/Futures traders. We’ve made the mistakes, in our many years of experience in the market, so that you’re able to learn about them in your first few sessions of trading with us - our support is unmatched. Our highest priority will always be providing our members with the necessary information to beat the market during that day, week, and year. We give our members the ability to decide if they want to day trade, swing trade, or even load up their Roth IRA with our best picks for years to come.

Headline Monitor


We take our information seriously. That’s why we have our own custom 24/7 running headline monitor bringing you the most up to date stock market-affecting news straight to your notifications. We also utilize our custom Alert Bot, making sure our alerts are never missed by any member. All of this was made by our in-house developer who’s working with us as we’re constantly adding more features to stay ahead of the market.


Reasons why our members succeed

Trusted Options Calls

We alert our members with only the best risk/return Options and Futures plays. Throughout the day, members receive alerts with entry points, exits, and reasoning behind the positions. This allows members to not only make money with us, but also become a better individual trader along the way.

Penny Stock Calls

Trusted Penny stocks Calls. Our penny experts provide members with multiple alerts for Penny stock plays, with the proper entries to yield the highest returns. Our Penny Experts do their own due diligence for you, making it as easy as buying a stock when it’s alerted and selling it when it’s up.

Trusted Long Term Picks

We understand that some people can’t spend their entire day trading. That’s why we provide members with watchlists of our best long term holds. These are stocks you can add and forget about for 1-10 years and come back to huge gains - no need for daily attention.

Pre-market Analysis

Market sentiment changes constantly. That’s why every morning, before market open, we provide members with our analysis as to where markets will be headed for the rest of the day.

24/7 Headline Bot

News can and will make the stock market dip or rip. That’s why we’ve developed our own custom Headline Bot. Members receive all market affecting news straight to their phone seconds after they’re released.

24/7 Support

We’re not only here to provide alerts. We’re here before, during, and even after market hours to provide support. Whether it be to the entire group, or even 1 on 1, we’re always available to help.


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